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Integrating Mental Performance in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Presented by Vanessa R. Shannon, PhD, CMPC
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Members of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation care teams are responsible for supporting patients recovering from sudden events or managing chronic illnesses which often cause patients distress. Patients participating in cardiovascular or pulmonary rehabilitation programs express concerns such as future health and wellness and restrictions on their typical lives. While cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation programs incorporate psychosocial components into care, support is often focused on identifying and treating clinical concerns or integrating cognitive-behavioral approaches to stress management. Incorporating mental performance strategies related to mental and emotional flexibility will complement already existing psychosocial support and may allow members of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation care teams to enhance the care they are providing patients while lessening the toll it takes on themselves.  

Learning Objectives: 

1.) Participants will learn about the keys to mental performance

2.) Participants will learn mental performance strategies for optimizing performance at work and in life

3.) Participants will learn ways to integrate mental performance strategies into patient care 

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